7 things we want to see in Jessica Jones season 2

All we really know so far about season 2 of Netflix’s well-received Jessica Jones is that it’s happening. There hasn’t been an official premiere date yet and it could well happen before or after team-up outing The Defenders Still, with Daredevil enjoying a successful second run, it means thoughts have already turned to what potentially awaits Krysten Ritter’s former superhero in season 2. Here are the 7 things that would be great to see but, be warned, there are spoilers for the entire first season of Jessica Jones and for the Daredevil season 2 finale.

A new villain

Of course, David Tennant was excellent as Kilgrave in season 1, but hopefully season 2 will have someone else facing off against Jessica. Kilgrave has already done enough damage to her, ensuring that his presence will ALWAYS be there, so to have him recover from his neck break risks making season 2 too similar to the first. Instead, the stage seems perfectly set for the emergence of Nuke, AKA Will Simpson (Wil Traval). His name and origin has been changed for the TV show, but having seen him unhinged and taken away by the mysterious IGH at the end of the season, it seems likely he hasn’t finished with Jessica yet.

Trish becoming Hellcat

This seems a given for season 2 and I can’t wait to see Rachael Taylor beat the crap out of baddies. Season 1 saw her take up martial arts to defend herself and go superpowered (briefly) to battle Will (even if she didn’t end it in the best shape), laying the groundwork for her transformation into Hellcat. In the comics, she does join The Defenders, so it could even lead to Jessica and Trish battling baddies together. Talking earlier this year, Taylor already seems up for it: “I’d love to get my teeth stuck into whatever happens to the character.” Come on Marvel, you know it makes sense.

Malcolm joining Alias Investigations

As a brand new character for the TV show (although with a basis in Malcolm Powder from the comics), the world is Malcolm’s (Eka Darville) oyster in season 2. I’d love nothing more than seeing Jessica take Malcolm under her wing at Alias Investigations. After all, he has the talent. In season 1, under the control of Kilgrave, Malcolm was able to follow and take photos of Jessica without her noticing, and she even struggled to spot him on surveillance video. He’s clearly got the eye for spying, and didn’t look out of place behind the desk in the final shot of season 1.

More of Jessica being a PI

Talking of Alias Investigations, I hope that season 2 sees Jessica do some actual private investigating. She was generally too distracted by Kilgrave in season 1 to do much sleuthing and the one big case she did take on ended up leading to Kilgrave and a messy end. Not that Jessica Jones should become a ‘case of the week’ type of show, but there’s surely no harm in Jessica taking on a few cases, while a main season arc storyline is weaved in and out. And with the phone ringing off the hook at the end of season 1, she won’t be short of cases.

Matt Murdock crossover

Throughout the course of the first season, Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) didn’t exactly show herself to be the most trustworthy of lawyers. However, despite everything, the final episode of Daredevil season 2 showed she’s still operating, even offering Matt Murdock’s (Charlie Cox) loyal friend Foggy (Elden Henson) a job. Maybe Jessica loses patience with Jeri and decides to hire another of Hell’s Kitchen’s lawyers. This could all depend on whether The Defenders happens before Jessica Jones season 2, as she might have already crossed paths with Matt. And besides, after the events of Daredevil, he might not even have a firm anymore.

Development of IGH storyline

The biggest plot thread left tantalisingly dangled from season 1 was the mysterious IGH organisation, responsible for the combat enhancers that made Will Simpson go a bit mad. It’s already been shown that they have crossed paths with Jessica, paying for her medical bills when she was in a coma following the car crash that killed her family. Perhaps they are responsible for her abilities as well? With IGH’s Dr Kozlov (Thomas Kopache) already introduced, it seems the perfect opportunity for season 2 to delve further into Jessica’s past, and set up the season’s big bad. Who knows, they might even have been responsible for Kilgrave.

Jessica/Luke Cage reconciliation

One thing we know for sure is that before Jessica Jones returns for season 2, Luke Cage (Mike Colter) will have already had his own series. That’s 13 episodes for him to work on his issues with Jessica like, you know, her shooting him in the head and the small matter of the fact that she killed his wife. Here’s hoping that by the end of his first season, Luke’s ready to return to Hell’s Kitchen (he needs to anyway for The Defenders) and restart his bed-breaking antics with Jessica. Furniture shops in Hell’s Kitchen would certainly appreciate the increased custom if the two get it on again.


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