It's a Devil May Cry 4 trailer!

Oct 24, 2007

Devil May Cry 4 is just gorgeous. Really, watch the trailer and see - it's a glossy, smooth and slick actioner that, visually at least, is the very definition of what a hi-def videogame should be. There's plenty to get on with here, including a peek at Dante kitted out with the Gilgamesh gauntlet weapons.

Which surprised us, really, since we were under the impression that only new man Nero would get his hands on the fresh gear - Gilgamesh, Lucifer and Pandora's Box. Now we're expecting that you'll be able to switch and swap weapons between the two playable characters, perhaps at save points.

But let's go back a mo and talk about the new weapons. Gilgamesh we already know from recent screens (see them in our gallery ) - they're a set of gauntlets that give super-fighting powers and even enable you to pull of a vicious Sharyuken-style uppercut.

Lucifer, meanwhile, is a projectile-based attack that sees you unleashing ghostly flying swords in any direction. After a few seconds they explode, damaging nearby opponents. We've seen action from the game where Nero gains the Lucifer weapon after defeating the blazing demon Varial.

But Pandora's Box is the more interesting bit of kit. An innocuous looking briefcase, this transforming gizmo can take the form of a mini-gun or an explosively tipped super-bow. Charge the weapon using these basic attacks and you unlock attacks like a rocket-launcher, smart-bomb or a ker-razee hovercraft that floats around while spitting dozens of warheads in all directions. Sounds like our kind of fun.


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