Infinity Blade: Dungeons and Sky Gamblers coming to iPad 3

Apple today announced its next generation of iPads will feature Epic's new Infinity Blade: Dungeons and Namco's Ace Combat-esque Sky Gamblers as two of its premier gaming apps.

Unveiled as a showpiece for the new iPad 3 during Apple's event in San Francisco, Infinity Blade: Dungeons will continue the third-person, monster-slashing adventure – this time with what looks to be more action RPG elements, including a new dungeon crafting system that will reportedly allow players to build an Infinity Blade of their very own.

Epic boss Mike Capps was on hand at the Apple gala to hype Infinity Blade: Dungeons. He said the sequel will benefit greatly from being on the iPad 3, which he claimed boasted more memory and screen resolution than Xbox 360 and PS3, insisting, “[Infinity Blade: Dungeons] is only going to look like this and play like this on the new iPad...The Unreal engine is unleashing the power of the new iPad."

Namco also debuted its iPad 3 app, Sky Gamblers, which was described as a “console quality” experience starring up to 50 jets in a high-flying fighter similar to the Ace Combat series.

Neither Epic or Namco revealed when their games will arrive in the App Store, but expect them arrive with (or very close to) the iPad 3, when Apple's next "must-have" iGadget debuts later this month.


  • Frexerik - March 7, 2012 4:37 p.m.

    I'll wait, because in a few years time they'll come out with a 42" iPad that's so powerful it's main hardware needs to sit under the screen in a separate box full of noisy fans. But at least you can connect a real gamepad to it... to play Angry Birds. Meanwhile, Microsoft will announce their new Xbox Portable, based on a 1" screen designed to maximise the ability to play COD: Germ Warfare 7 at SuperTrebleDuperHD 3240p using dual onscreen thumb pads and KinectWobblGyro control. And Sony will have succesfully updated their Terms & Conditions to allow them to install The Matrix into people's heads and kickstart the age of the machines. And Nintendo give up game development and move into confectionary and diaper manufacturing.
  • therawski - March 8, 2012 8:28 a.m.

  • therawski - March 7, 2012 1:44 p.m.

    How about they stop wasting time and get around to Shadow Complex 2.

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