IGPX videos roll out

[PS2] New gameplay and mecha-modding footage from Immortal Grand Prix

The Cartoon Network anime series IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix is coming to PS2s this September, and we've got footage of the mecha-racing game in action.

It's not exactly surprising to see publisher Namco Bandai working on an anime adaptation, but IGPX is unusual in that it features team racing with ultra-high-speed giant robots. Promising "over 60 miles of ever-changing track," the game will follow Team Satomi as they pit their sword-swinging, fist-fighting robots against rival teams on courses that look like roller coasters.

To check out our two new videos - which show off the game's racing/fighting action (complete with slow-motion takedowns) and its robot-customization mode - just click the Movies tab above.

July 11, 2006


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