• brennannorman - July 17, 2011 9:17 p.m.

    My only question is how are you supposed to know WHAT to buy if you are upgradingor buiding your pc how do you know if what you get say on a new egg sale with something else are certin parts not compatible or is that only with RAM as stated in the article any help would be apreciated.
  • Plan10FromOuterSpace - July 17, 2011 2:19 p.m.

    'next-next gen' oh how I want a gaming PC, im even intrigued by the option of building one myself now, but i doubt £5 a week will stretch that far, very good article anyway, even if it seems unlikely ill be getting into pc gaming anytime soon its given me a lot of things to consider, and my laptop runs fast enough to play Peggle thank you :)
  • BertTheTurtle - July 17, 2011 11:34 a.m.

    I'll admit that I've only played one FPS on the PC so far (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault), but I have to say I greatly prefer a console controller over a keyboard and mouse. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have noticed much graphical differece if not for the side-by-side comparison. I also cannot imagine games like Bayonetta or Prototype playing anywhere near as well on a PC, and I don't care (at least not right now) about any tweaks, mods, or MMOs of any kind. That being said, I still think PC is the way to go for RTS games. My apologies if I come off as a fanboy, I just prefer my Xbox 360 and PS3.
  • willmaster123 - July 17, 2011 10:55 a.m.

    I got my pc custom built for around 700 3 years ago, and upgraded it once for around 100. So in 3 years, i have spent 800 dollars on a gaming pc that i probably wont upgrade for another few years, along with around 20 games for another 1000 (yeesh). and if i bought a console, it would be this: (lets say you got the original ps3) 600 bucks, plus 20 games that are 10 bucks more than the pc counterparts (an extra 200 bucks), and then because i need a pc anyways, i would have to spend 800 dollars on a regular pc, oh and the 50 dollars a year thing for xbox live? another 150 dollars. Then in 2 more years, another console comes out and i have to shell out another 600+ dollars. AND, considering how most people dont only get one console, they get two usually,it would cost ANOTHER 600 dollars. Now tell me, which one is cheaper again?
  • avantguardian - July 17, 2011 9:28 a.m.

    @aliengmr: "MS and Sony own console gaming. They do NOT own PC gaming." what OS do you use exactly? (and if it's not vista or 7 you are in the extreme minority). @gilgamesh310: simply put, you're wrong. yes the ps3 installs suck, but the 360 has no such concerns. updates take a matter of seconds on 360. but neither of them are even CLOSE to the installs on pc. (btw, i have all three, so there's no out-of-ass-talking here.) @everybody: okay guys, it's obvious that copedude was exaggerating. no need to cry about it. and really, the biggest hurdle for pc gaming is breaking through the wall of snobby childishness that really doesn't seem in any way appealing to those viewing it from the outside. it's just kind of sad. can't we just try to be "better"?
  • punkmetalmage - July 17, 2011 8:50 a.m.

    I saved a lot of money on Steam over the last couple of years. I've gone from having an awesome gaming rig to my mom's old laptop. But with steam, it didn't matter, as long as I could sign in to my account and download my games, I could play the lower end, older games on it. I recently got into Thief, which I'm truly admiring. And I'm replaying the older GTA games I bought with in the GTA Pack for $50. That included GTAIV w/ Episodes. The initial price may be high for PC (And that's only if you don't already own a desktop otherwise, it's $200 for an entry graphics card that can run pretty much anything console are barely pumping out.) but in the long haul, you will save more money.
  • ConservativeGamer - July 17, 2011 4:23 a.m.

    To Matt or anybody with some PC gaming experience. I am serious looking at getting into PC gaming. I recently got Witcher 2 before I realized my all-in-one PC can't take a new graphic card(I hope this sentence conveys my level of ignorance toward PC gaming). I want laptop for other reasons (school, etc,) and would like to get a gaming one as well (looking at the Alienware Mx14). My question is, should I go ahead and get a laptop that I can game on now but not upgrade(like my all-in-one) or go ahead and get a desktop that I can upgrade in the future. I would really appreciate any help on this. Thanks
  • oni - July 17, 2011 1:39 a.m.

    GamesRadar should make an article like a Mythbuster style examination of current gaming trend. It's purpose should highlight what the other gaming platform supporters think of the rival platform and set things right. Like the monthly upgrade myth the console gamers think PC gamer do. Myth or Not? When the PS3 and X Box 360 came out, a lot of websites tend to make articles discussing the pro and cons of consoles VS PC gaming. A lot of their points are busted if you closely at today's gaming. One that kept me laughing to this day is that console games are built with stringent QA tests so they don't need patches like PC games - several years later Fallout 3 came out . Another is that console game are simply pop in disc and play kind of affair compared to the PC's long instal to hard disk before playing - then some PS3 games required you to copy your game data into the hdd so it'll load fater. Please, GamesRadar make an article with a mythbuster style so that console gamers know what they are missing out in the PC. Not the pro and con articles - that's an obvious troll bait and only make it worse. Just a simple article saying that "NO! PC gamers don't have to upgrade every 1 month like a woman having her period- it's a myth! (the upgrade part, not the period part)". Something friendly and informative that can clear up the shroud that hung over PC gaming. Pro-console gaming websites have put that shroud years ago and it's about time to lift it. If the console gamers know a lot more about the PC, then maybe we'll have more PC gamers in the future.
  • CitizenThom - July 17, 2011 1:34 a.m.

    FWIW, just noticed AMD/ATI is doing a processor/GPU, I imagine Intel will be doing one soon. Pair that with the right motherboard and you have at least a starter update to an existing computer that's doable under $300, which starts getting the price point closer to that of a console. The other benefit is, that if you have a motherboard with the extra graphics card slot(PCI x16 now I think?) you can get an additional bump in performance down the road, pretty affordably, or pretty dramatically, depending on what $$$ you have when you do the upgrade. I'm a console gamer for the most part, but I do still play my old games on the PC from time to time.
  • oni - July 17, 2011 1:15 a.m.

    If you what you are doing then a PC can last for a very long time. Saying "it is obsolete in a month" is sheer ignorance. My PC is a proud piece of self built machine that was a joy to do. The same age as the current console and yet it still plays game quite smoothly. I've watched the PC tech grow and leave my PC in the dust since then but I never went into the monthly upgrade frenzy that console gamers seem think PC gamers do all the time. My last upgrade was 1 month and it was nothing more than adding an extra 1 TB of hard disk (it was actually external USB drive but the power module shorted out so I ripped the HDD out to put into my PC). I am interested with the gaming sanctuary part. It's quite true, sometimes we do need the space for gaming for ourselves. Sure I've read that console gamers are having fun with the family in the living room but so far I've experienced little of that. I've connected my PC to the living room's TV and there was a bitter tug of war between my game time and the family's tv time. With most of my current games are RPGs that are usually single player only and shooters with great story line, who are you going to share it with anyway. Watching another playing games tends to get boring and you might not appreciate your spouse or sibling telling your fighting style is wrong against those group of armoured orcs or why you kept throwing grenades at poles and they bounce back right at you. Recently I played The Witcher 2 in living room and a sex scene was the first thing to appear on the giant TV. I was lucky that the family wasn't around. I'm currently researching what components I want to buy fr my new PC. The main reason for my new machine is the new cpus with lower power consumption. Who wouldn't want to go green. Other reasons to back me up are Battlefield 3 and Arma 3 with the possibility of other games after them to be Windows 7 exclusives. Like what other posters here have said : I upgrade my PC when I WANT to, not because I have to.
  • gilgamesh310 - July 16, 2011 10:55 p.m.

    rockbottom, The instant put the disc in and play cary on went out the window at the turn of this generation of consoles. You have to install a range of updates most of the time which is really know different than installing games on PC.
  • bedelicious - July 16, 2011 10:32 p.m.

    @rockbottom Let me answer your question. There are wireless keypads and mouses. You can also play with a joypad. And it's not about using it as a console, it's about using it any way you like. I can think of a lot more arguments that give the PC an advantage (backwards compatibility, game prices, user-generated content, customization and what not), but, in all honesty, each and every platform has its advantages and disadvantages. If you can't own them all you buy what you deem best for you. And you bitch about how the other platforms suck, because deep inside you know you're missing out on at least a few good things XD
  • FAT47ITY - July 16, 2011 10:28 p.m.

    ...or you can try Onlive
  • Crabhand - July 16, 2011 9:54 p.m.

    Really cool article, I think if more people gave PC gaming a shot they would enjoy it quite a bit. MY old PC (which bit the dust last year) was running Windows Vista, the supposed brick wall to gaming. Despite Vista's supposed failure as an OS, it only once stopped me from playing a game and all it took to run it was a manual install of a patch. And Steam is an amazing resource, the deals you can get are amazing. Fallout 3 GOTY for $10? Hell yes.
  • aliengmr - July 16, 2011 9:26 p.m.

    Having built my own PC and my wife's I can you it costs about 1000$ if you want to run everything on high settings. In "fantasy land" it might have cost some one 4000$ to play Crysis at launch. In the "real" world, my 900$ PC did it fine even at ultra settings with 2x aa. Since then, I spent around 150$ to upgrade my graphics card. That was because my last one lacked the new physx capabilities. So over the last couple years (yea that's years > 1) I spent 150$ in upgrades for my PC that cost around 1000$. Add that to the fact that the games are cheaper and we have a modding community and the initial cost is more than worth it. I don't have a problem with people liking consoles, its a matter of opinion. What bothers me is the colossal ignorance of some console gamers when they talk about PC gaming. I guess if you want to believe; it will cost you thousands of dollars for a decent rig, that all PC gamers care about is graphics, and that mods are no big deal, then fine, its your loss. Sad thing is, more people own consoles sure, but MS and Sony own console gaming. They do NOT own PC gaming. Ultimately PC gaming is owned by the PC community and the Modding community who ask for nothing for the mods they work so hard on to give us. You want nothing more than a console more power to ya, have fun, I mean that. But before you spout the same crap over and over again, look a little deeper, and you might "see" what we have been so snobby about all these years.
  • UsernameLoser - July 16, 2011 9:23 p.m.

    But, won't we become WoW nerds if we play on PC? It's pretty much inevitable.
  • spideralex90 - July 16, 2011 8:11 p.m.

    $600 will get you a decent computer that'll tackle great games at relatively good settings. $300 will get you a console that will play great games at about the same settings as that $600 one will. Don't get me wrong I really want a nice pc, but I'm tired of hearing how you can get a fantastic computer for $600. It's a bunch of bullshit. If you want a PC that'll shatter your expectations and make you a true pc fan you need to spend a shit ton on it. the ones companies use to demo pc games at their highest settings cost thousands of dollars. More than most console player spend on systems and games in decades. Consoles provide great gaming at a fraction of the price.
  • gprime17 - July 16, 2011 7:42 p.m.

    My one problem remains with PC gaming. YOUR ALL TOO DAMN SNOBBY. You cant seem to get over the fact that people simply might prefer playing a console as opposed to a PC, controls and graphics aside. "FPS controls are built for pc, anyone who says otherwise is arrogant" Get over yourself...
  • Vitreosity - July 16, 2011 7:34 p.m.

    You just made my day by writing this article.
  • scsmith1 - July 16, 2011 7:15 p.m.

    I used to be a PC gamer but over the last few years have switched to a console. True, you give up fine control with a mouse and keyboard, but you lose the constant frustration of always having to update or re-install video card drivers so they work with the latest games. I remember what a hassle and headache it was getting "Bioshock" to work with DX 10 when it came out. Sometimes a certain game will run well on one kind of video chipset but not the other. Or you'll find some weird conflict between the video card drivers and sound card drivers. I'd seriously spend a good hour every few weeks un-installing and re-installing the latest video card drivers that fixed a performance issue in one game, while ruining the performance of a completely different game that had been working fine. No thanks.

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