Hot Brain - hands-on

It’s happened to all of us; we’re on the bus or a very long car trip when we’re struck with the undeniable urge to know exactly how smart we are. And thusly we praise the makers of the Brain Age/Training games on the DS for letting us quench our knowledge thirst while satisfying our puzzler-addicted minds. This series of games has been the sole reason why the DS vs. PSP war has raged for so long, until now. This summer Midway will be releasing Hot Brain for the PSP, enabling Sony fans to test their knowledge whenever they please, bathrooms be damned.

Similar to the DS titles, Hot Brain features a plethora of mind-benders designed not only to test your Brain Warmth (think “intelligence”) but also speeds up your ability to solve said puzzles, thereby strengthening your noggin and making you a shoe-in for MENSA. Try not to irritate your family in the process though; no one likes a know-it-all.

Tests are split up into different sections such as Memory, Math and Logic. From there, you’ll have to solve the multiple-choice puzzles with the face buttons that correspond to the answers. For example, in the Math section, you might be asked what numerical symbol will create the number 7 if given the numbers 4 and 3. If labeled as such, you’d press the Square button to denote the + sign. Simple. Now do more... faster... repeatedly; because your intelligence is on the line, dude.

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