HaloRadar: Faces of Death - Reader Edition

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Halo 3's Faces of Death, Part One
Halo 3's Faces of Death, Part Two

Well, that's a relief! Based on the hundreds upon hundreds of Master Chief corpses still arriving in our email every day, we're definitely not the only ones who find the hero's death so unintentionally humorous, tragic and disgusting. Apparently, rag doll physics + Saved Films = entertainment for all.

So, without further ado, we present the greatest screens our readers could produce. Rolling heads, flying torsos, broken bones and a bunch of even weirder stuff we didn't know was possible... there are some real doozies in here. Make sure you stay untilthe end, too, where we reveal the best of the best and announce a winner. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!


Above: Submitted by redRAID3R

Above (left): Submitted by redRAID3R
Above (right): Submitted by Naptownz Elite and Sr Newbish of Beech Grove, Indiana

Above (top left): Submitted by TWIGGY4LIFE 666
Above(bottom left): Submitted by Patrick Campbell
Above(right): Submitted by nothinmuch