Halo hack reveals nine campaign levels

Single player mission structure revealed? Final level set on Halo? Probably not, but it makes for an interesting read

The latest story to come from naughty people hacking the Halo 3 Beta code suggests that the single-player campaign mode will feature nine levels, with the final level taking place on Halo itself.

Hackers have apparently uncovered a list of Achievements from the Beta code that could have revealed the names of the levels in the top-secret single-player mode.

If true then you'll be blazing your way through levels dubbed Jungle, Base, Outskirts, Voi, FloodVoi, Wasteland, Citadel, High Charity and Halo. The hard to find skulls that littered Halo 2, that then altered the gameplay (usually making the game harder), also look to be on the cards.

The full list of Achievements revealed include:

  • achievement_complete_mission_jungle
  • achievement_complete_mission_base
  • achievement_complete_mission_outskirts
  • achievement_complete_mission_voi
  • achievement_complete_mission_floodvoi
  • achievement_complete_mission_wasteland
  • achievement_complete_mission_citadel
  • achievement_complete_mission_highcharity
  • achievement_complete_mission_halo
  • achievement_complete_campaign_easy
  • achievement_complete_campaign_normal
  • achievement_complete_campaign_heroic
  • achievement_complete_campaign_legendary
  • achievement_find_outskirts_skull
  • achievement_find_voi_skull
  • achievement_find_floodvoi_skull
  • achievement_find_waste_skull
  • achievement_find_citadel_skull
  • achievement_find_highcharity_skull
  • achievement_find_halo_skull
  • achievement_jungle_training
  • achievement_jungle_no_casualties
  • achievement_floodvoi_no_flood_victims
  • achievement_spartan_recruit
  • achievement_spartan_graduate
  • achievement_spartan_officer
  • achievement_extra_crispy
  • achievement_banshee_surface_to_air_kill
  • achievement_triple_kill
  • achievement_killtacular
  • achievement_sticky_x5
  • achievement_brokeback
  • achievement_tripmine_vehicle_kill
  • achievement_flag_carrier_kill
  • achievement_kill_frenzy
  • achievement_triple_sword_kill
  • achievement_mongoose_splatter
  • achievement_melee_kill_x5
  • achievement_needler_kill_x5
  • achievement_sniper_kill_frenzy
  • achievement_headshot_kill_frenzy
  • achievement_full_warthog_kill
  • achievement_temporary_placeholder

Don't expect Bungie to even talk about the single-player game until the game is in shop stores on September 26.

May 29, 2007

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