Guitar Hero plunders the '80s

A 1980s themed edition of Guitar Hero, the peripheral-tastic music game, is reportedly in development for PlayStation 2, and is predicted to be released this spring.

This news that the hard-rocking series seems to be following in the footsteps of Karaoke Revolution’s regular themed revisions comes from the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. A version for Xbox 360 isn't hinted at but there are web whispers that 360 gamers will be able to download such updated tracklists through the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Above: Rockin out on Guitar Hero II (PS2)

A representative of publisher Activision informs us that there's nothing to reveal as yet, though EGM stresses, despite the lack of an official announcement, "trust us, it's coming."

Will the essence of Guitar Hero be diluted through a constant stream of new, reorganized tracklists? Or can the finger-shredding rock game bring downloadable content to the next level? Why not shout about it in the forum?



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