Guitar Hero III: watch the GR eight player jam-off

There was shouting, frayed tempers and a whole lot of hot consoles, but we pretty much pulled off the impossible – an eight player Guitar Hero face-off across all console disciplines. Four monitors, four machines, a mixing desk (yep), a tangled Gorgon’s nest of wires and eight players. You don’t want to try this at home.

It took a little organisation and a bit of technical head-scratching, but, as you can see fromthis backstage footage,the biggest problem wasgetting everyone to press start at the same time. But the sound our axe wielding participants created was like nothing we've ever heard before (or want to hear again). We'd say it was like Hawkwind covering The Killers. But that would have been good.

Yes, there are a few missed notes, and yes, it's all a bit out of sync by the end, but that's the beauty of it. Just listen to it on headphones and marvel at the sound of When We Were Young played through a quadraphonic sound system in the middle of an empty aircraft hanger.