GTA IV viral ads invade New York

The Grand Theft Auto ad campaign is starting to kick into gear as Rockstar viral ads swamp the streets of New York City.

The first 'ad' to be spotted is a series of clever "wanted" posters plastered around the Big Apple, calling for tips on the location of GTA IV anti-hero Niko Ballic who's apparently wanted for "assault with a deadly weapon".

E-mail your tips to and you'll get an interesting image in return.

It's not the first time Rockstar has used the streets of New York to advertise its sequel; the company previously had gigantic artwork and logos from the game painted onto the side of NYC buildings.

Considering the always-controversial nature of the game, we're sure the top brass in the city would have something to say about that...

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Courtesy of CVG

Feb 1, 2008