GTA IV - The guided tour

Six things we need to know
A few burning questions that we’d like extinguished…

1) The mobile phone
Niko’s mobile phone acts as the hub of the game, receiving information and threads for missions, and it has four main functions: Phonebook, Messages, Organizer and Camera. The Phonebook is where Niko keeps his contacts, which suggests he will be able to stay in touch with any character he has the number for at any time. This falls in line with the idea that you have more choice over which missions you and for whom.

The Messages could contain other correspondence and briefings that you might want to refer to, while the Organizer could be where you find all your game statistics.

2) The camera
Not a new addition for GTA, but the whole point of having a camera on a phone is that you can immediately look at and send the pictures to someone. This could be used in some missions to prove that the objectives have been complete, to receive pictures of targets or contacts, or to take shots of odd things and save them to PS3’s hard drive. Could these then be shared with other gamers? And how about short videos - could they be shared? Will happy slapping be encouraged? The tabloids will have a field day if so. And will it be available in the multiplayer game?