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Welcome to Liberty City

The map of Liberty City has yet to be revealed, but with New York being the inspiration, we can piece together an idea of how it will look. Liberty City comprises four boroughs, based on four boroughs of New York, and part of the bordering state - which is based on New Jersey. The total size of the game area is smaller than San Andreas but there is far less dead space, such as countryside and forest, making it a much more entertaining place to explore. Here’s a guide to New York and the boroughs that inspire GTA IV.

New Jersey
Known in GTA IV as Alderney

  • A different state, but “North Jersey” is so close to NY it falls under its “influence.”
  • Home to many New York City commuters and currently one of the most expensive zip codes to live in, according to house prices.
  • Has large Italian American and Chinese communities, especially in Bergen County the one nearest New York.
  • Home of the Meadowlands, a large expanse of wetlands reputed for being a dumping ground for New York and New Jersey’s Mafia murder victims.
  • Tony Soprano lives here.

Name Game
Jersey is the name of one of the Channel Islands - and so is Alderney.


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