GTA IV: Complete Pigeon Guide

Find and obliterate every winged rat with our maps and videos

Algonquin cont...

81 - On top of the ventilation building on the hospital roof. Use the car park stairs again, but go all the way up

82 - On the train tunnel wall outside the hospital

83 - Behind the old apartment building on the balcony wall

84 - On the bridge support on the east side

85 - On the south wall of the bridge

86 - In the sandpit behind an old parking lot

87 - On the right gate pillar

88 - On top of the boathouse

89 - On the first overhead beam on the west side of the East Borough Bridge

90 - At the docks, outside the warehouse on the end of a boat

91 - In the car park underneath the overpass

92 - On ledge of bridge

93 - On the subway railing

94 - On the pillar going into the park

95 - In the alcove on the left of the museum entrance

96 - On the ledge on the west side of the building in the park

97 - On the lower ledge of the Liberty City Delivery building

98 - On the barge

99 - On the south-most awning of the hotel entryway opposite the park

100 - On the concrete post next to the hot dog seller

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