GR's Weekend Giveaway: Choose $100 in FREE t-shirts from

T-shirts are probably the most important fashion statement most of us will ever make. We're not prancing down a runway, we're not debating whether to wear the navy blue suit or the dark gray one, and unfortunately we don't yet dress like the characters in Tron: Legacy, so we don't get to accessorize with our favorite shade of neon. But damn, are we particular about our t-shirts.

The point of all this jabbering? has some of the finest t-shirts on the planet, and they'd like to give you $100 worth of them for free.

How do you enter this wonderful wardrobe makeover of a giveaway? Simply leave a comment on this article. That's it. Sure, you could probably slide in a "Oh, great and wise Eric, you are my favorite person in the world. Why are you not king of the universe yet?" line. Or a sob story about how you have to face each day in a vintage New Kids on the Block tour shirt, or even a bunch of links to the Threadless site showing us which shirts you've already picked out. But that's not going to help your odds. We're going to choose a winner at random - like a raffle. And if you win, you get a free code worth $100 of Threadless threads.

The only real limitations are that you have to live in the US and you have to be old enough to choose your own clothes, but you can read the full contest rules here anyhow. We'll pick a winner next week - just in time for you to return all the crappy clothes you're going to get for Christmas.

Then, you should check us out on Facebook and Twitter. We say things there a lot. 

Dec 18, 2010



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