Gran Turismo gets cockpit view

These new Gran Turismo 5 Prologue images reveal a fresh addition to the series that fans (like ourselves) have wanted for ages - the detailed, all-dials-ticking cockpit view. And, my, does it look nice.

Before, enthusiasts (that is, reality-obsessives who avoid the disembodied third-person cam) have only had a bonnet-mounted viewpoint to opt for. But this heady view from your plastic and metal cocoon will undoubtedly add some much-needed life and tangibility to GT 's increasingly sterile world.

Though we have to ask: Is that rear-view mirror looking into the past? The reflected image is blockier than a room full of Rubik's cubes, and seems to have been beamed back from 1991.

Hopefully, this'll be fixed before the game launches in Japan this October. Meanwhile, there's a whole bunch of new images in our updated gallery, including a first glimpse of the game's menu screens, which appear to be able to be spruced up with user-taken images, or at least altered by the car that you've currently chosen.

July 27, 2007