Grab one of 2,000 codes for the Smite closed beta on Xbox One

Are you an impatient person? Allow me to indulge your vice - god-brawling MOBA, Smite heads into open beta on Xbox One next week, 8th July. It will be free, and easy to join. Naturally, this is simply not good enough.

As such, we have 2,000 codes for the ongoing closed beta, ready to be redeemed immediately, giving you the double whammy of a free game to play, and a sense of smug satisfaction at getting there first.

Getting a code guarantees you early access to the console version of the game - just enter your email into the form below, and you'll be sent a code, which you can redeem in the Store section of your Xbox One dashboard. Fair warning - it's first-come, first-served, so don't wait around!