Gears of War becomes a trilogy

Surprising approximately no one, Microsoft revealed today that Gears of War will get a sequel. Two, in fact. Following the implied rulebook of every successful game, book or film in history, the critically acclaimed shooter / hider has just transformed itself into the first entry in a trilogy.

The confirmation came from a Game Daily interview with Microsoft's Jeff Bell, who stated, "Gamers today demand an excellent story in their games; they need to know what's at stake, and why they should care. Excitement tops the list of desired emotions, but they want to be scared, too. They want the rush that comes from being scared by an enemy or trapped in a dark room and escaping with their lives. The goal... is to establish Marcus Fenix as the hero of the Gears of War trilogy. The intention is to create emotional connection with him... by communicating a sense of desperation, loneliness, overwhelming odds, and the ultimate futility of the situation he faces."

Well then - that certainly sounds like light-hearted escapist fare, doesn't it?

So, can the hulking iron-jawed, iron-booted hero of Gears of War become gaming's next Master Chief or Gordon Freeman? Based on the stats, he's certainly got a good shot. A perfect 10 from GamesRadar, another 10 from sister mag OXM and, according to the publisher, one million units sold in just the past two weeks. It's even knocked Halo 2 off its celestial throne by taking over as the most popular destination on Xbox Live.

Ready to give in to the phenomenon? Prepare yourself with our beginner's guide to the game's weapons, or scope out each and every multiplayer map with our exclusive video.

November 21, 2006



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