The Game of Thrones merchandise you need in your life

Game of Thrones season 7 is right around the corner. Despite that, the wait until July is an agonising one for the dedicated 'Thrones fan. We need the show in our lives, on our shelves, in our games consoles, and even all over our bodies. Ok, getting a little weird now. To fill that Hound-shaped hole in your life, we’ve gathered together the best Game of Thrones merchandise we could find, and looked for the very best price too. Perhaps you’re keen to show off your passion for the show, or maybe grab some great Game of Thrones gifts your partner / parent / offspring will actually enjoy. Whatever - here are 20 essential pieces of Game of Thrones merch, which you need in your life right now.

Collector's Edition Monopoly

The obligatory game of Monopoly at Christmas need never be boring ever again. This GOT-themed version dresses up the traditional locations to places from the show, so you can fight your siblings for ownership of Winterfell. House and hotel pieces are switched out for villages and keeps, bringing a level of added cool, but the best part is the tokens. The one thing that will definitely have the whole family squabbling is - of course - who gets to be the Iron Throne. Who will get that privilege in July? Here are our best Game of Thrones 7 theories.

Direwolf book ends

Direwolves are protectors - typically of their human companions. Imagine what terror they'd bring to any potential thieves after your first edition of A Dance With Dragons! Sadly, the HBO store doesn't ship actual Direwolves (yet) so you'll have to make do with a pair of bookends that look like the Stark kids' oversized pets. They've got terrific posture that ought to keep your most prized tomes in order. 

Hodor T-shirt

There are a lot of Game of Thrones shirts out there. Narrowing it down the one that really speaks to you can be tough. Do you go for a straight-up logo across the chest? Or something a bit more 'inside baseball'? This hold the door shirt strikes a nice balance between the two. It gives you chance to display your love of the show by wearing something other than a "You know nothing Jon Snow" shirt. They're so 2014. 

McFarlane Iron Throne Room set

You may never get to actually sit on the Iron Throne, but you can certainly sit and look at it with this rather lovely Construction set. The current model features Joffrey, protected by someone from the Kingsguard. Don’t worry - sure he can be swapped out for Tommen. Wait, no, sorry - Cersei. Tough to keep up, and it’s probably something you’ll need to update at the end of season 7. 

The Hound Darkhorse statue

For those who know the value of a good chicken, or anyone who wants to recreate the glory of Cleganebowl (which is totally happening, so get hype), this detailed statue is essential. The attention to detail is pretty good, and it even features the famed helm worn by Sandor Clegane before he was smashed up by Brienne and left for dead by Arya. Sadly, there is no statue of Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane… You’ll have to make it yourself out of a leg of lamb and some tin foil.

Lannister banner

With the exception of Tyrion, the Lannisters are a mean bunch. Rotten to the core or not, they've still got one hell of an eye for art. This fabric family banner is a striking assembly of visuals: a blood red background, the gold lion sigil and the motto 'Hear me roar.' It works as a swanky piece of interior decor, or up in your front window whenever the show is in season. Just to really rile up the neighbours.

Game of Thrones Cluedo

While Monopoly and Risk may seem like more popular choices for a show like Game of Thrones, Cluedo does make perfect sense. After all - there’s plenty of murdering and scheming, and it’s captured perfectly by this special edition board game. This comes with a double-sided board, so you can hunt for the murderer in the Red Keep or the streets of Meereen. There are 12 suspects to choose from too, so there’s much more here than in regular Cluedo. Hint: it was Tyrion Lannister, in the toilet, with the crossbow!

4D puzzle cityscape map of Westeros

The clockwork-map that comes to life as the camera pans across the regions of Westeros is a breathtaking thing to behold. And while the idea of creating your own riff on the show's title sequence might be a bit ambitious, this map is the next best thing to that award-winning opening. Like the credits, it's got layers. Slot together all 1000 pieces and marvel at what you've created - by putting it on the dining table and making sure no-one touches it, ever.

Game of Thrones 1-6 on Blu-ray

It’s, uh, the whole show to date. This box set features all 60 episodes of Game of Thrones, mastered in HD (the early seasons did look a little low-fi compared to the later ones, but not so in this Blu-ray edition) and with improved sound, to tickle your home cinema systems. Fun fact: that’s 3192 minutes of Thrones, which will take a while to binge, and at that run time this is a serious bargain. Obviously buy this, but if you want a summary of the whole plot in under 9 minutes... here it is.

The official Game of Thrones game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Sometimes it’s not enough to simply watch Game of Thrones - you need to feel part of it. Time to play the official game, which you can nab on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. Here you play as various members of House Forrester, a family mentioned in the books but never touched by the TV show. In the course of your adventure you’ll meet major characters from the show, including Margaery Tyrell and Ramsay Bolton. The game weaves a decent story too, forcing you to make some seriously Game of Thrones-y decisions along the way.