Or: How lies, pranks, and Photoshop nearly resulted in another Revolutionary War.

Forum Lieutenant anthonyjh63, remarked, "You good sir, have just won the internets." Cool. Evidently, the face I’m makingwas "epic goof." Whatever -I can’t tell. I kinda look like that all the time. Mikel joined in thefun with his own Grand Swede Auto:

Awesome! All in good fun. I'm just vain enough to enjoy my picture, no matter how oafish or grotesque, Photoshopped in any fashion as long as it’s funny. Or so I thought...

Above: Uh-oh

Above: These things have a way of escalating

Above: OhCrap... Am I getting memed?

Above: Dear God, I am!

Above: That girl was free to leave at any time

Above: I had to look up gormless, too. Not good

Above: Oh, the humility

Above: Look away, Grandma

You better believe it gets worse....