Friday Photoshop: Pimp your Wii-mote!

Friday 12 January 2007
We've just got hold of Joytech's Wii Sports accessory set - a collection of three white plastic clip-on peripherals that turn the Wii-mote into a steering wheel, a golf club or a tennis racquet, to complement the relevant games. No longer do you have to imagine you're holding a golf stick playing Wii golf; you can hold a six inch plastic version instead.

Above: Wii-mote becomes tennis racquet, golf club or steering wheel with Joytech's new sport peripheral set.

As you can probably see, they aren't of the highest build quality and squeezing the Wii-mote into the casing requires a bit too much brute force than we're comfortable with. Once in, onlookers shake their heads in disdain, and it quickly becomes apparent the club and racquet bring nothing to the Wii party. The steering wheel casing however, is more effective, the shape making it easier to hold the controller in a horizontal position.

While the build quality of the Joytech add-ons leaves a lot to be desired, especially at the £20 RRP, the concept of pimping the Wii-mote has sparked our foolish imaginations. So we've decided to invent a few peripherals of our own, using the powers of the Photoshop. Click through the following pages to see what we've come up with. Oh, and if you think you can do better, why not stick them on the forum.


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