Five gameplay elements Doom invented that nobody stole

When it comes to first-person-shooters, there can be no studio more influential than id Software. Wolfenstein 3D practically invented the genre, Doom perfected it and Quake dragged us kicking and screaming into true three-dimensional combat.

Of these three games, Doom is arguably the most iconic. A tour de force in its day and a classic in its twilight, the original Doom series gave many great things to the FPS genre. However, despite its bountiful offerings, not everything that Doom delivered was taken up by subsequent pretenders to the throne.

Doom was undeniably inspirational and laid the groundwork for many modern FPS games, but we believe it should have exerted an even greater influence than it did, for it innovated in ways that have since been criminally forgotten. We've looked at a number of balls that Doom started rolling and few others picked up, despite being truly brilliant.


Truly terrifying enemies

Badass music

heavy metal tunes

"Big Gun"