Fan filmmakers tackle Mario

When it comes to live action and the Mushroom Kingdom, can YouTube succeed where Hollywood failed?

Is Mario doomed to a life lived exclusively in pixeldom? In 1993, the answer should have been %26ldquo;yes.%26rdquo; Why 1993? That was the year the Super Mario Bros. movie was unleashed upon the world. We%26rsquo;ve covered this train-wreck of a movie a coupletimes, and it%26rsquo;s tempting to imagine its scriptwriting process involved someone%26rsquo;s assistant taking a dump on a stack of formerly pristine paper and then writing %26ldquo;The End%26rdquo; at the bottom (although the real story%26rsquo;s arguably moreinsane).

Above: Dino Dennis Hopper and some lame mystical meteorite weren%26rsquo;t enough to sink this ship. The good, old-fashioned epic fail of a storyline did that job just fine

So Hollywood dropped a turd and basically frakked up a whole game franchise%26rsquo;s potential for film. Nothing new there. That%26rsquo;s why we%26rsquo;ve turned to YouTube. Can fan-made videos entertain and inspire us, and prove that Mario is ready for reality? Let%26rsquo;s find out.

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