E3 07: Force Unleashed in new trailer

Star Wars: Force Unleashed is a fantastic idea. Forget all the morality bumf, the good-or-bad dilemma. Let's just get busy with the Force Lightning, Force Choke and Force grab a humoungous Star Destroyer from the sky and smash it into the ground for fun. Like in this new trailer.

While the beginning is clearly not gameplay, the actual in-game antics still stand up well. It's a bit like Jedi Knight - one of, if not the best Star Wars games ever made. If LucasArts can create a fluid, easy-to-grasp control system, yet still offer us plenty of depth for inventive attacks, Force Unleashed ought to wrestle that accolade away from the now aged Jedi Knight with style. It's about time!

July 13, 2007


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