Diana Rigg, Paul Kaye Join Game Of Thrones Season 3

Plus Tara Fitzgerald, Mackenzie Crook and a load of others too


Game Of Thrones has announced the casting of 14 new characters for season three, including some pretty big names.

The most exciting is the addition of former Ms Peel in The Avengers, Diana Rigg, who'll be playing Lady Oleanna Tyrell, better known as the Queen of Thorns.

Mackenzie Crook (The Office, Pirates Of The Caribbean) has nabbed the role of Orell

Paul Kaye (Dennis Pennis, Malice in Wonderland) is Thoros Of Myr

Tara Fitzgerald (Waking The Dead, The Body Farm) is Selyse Baratheon

And here are the others:

Clive Russell, as Bryndon “The Blackfish” Tully
Kerry Ingram, as Shireen Baratheon
Thomas Brodie-Sangster, as Jojen Reed
Ellie Kendirck, as Meera Reed
Richard Dormer, as Beric Dondarrion
Nathalie Emannuel, as Missandei
Tobias Menzies, as Edmure Tully
Anton Lesser, as Qyburn
Philip McGinley, as Anguy
Kristofer Hivju, as Tormund Giantsbane