deBlob - first look

Back in the fifties, B-movie monster The Blob heralded from another planet, but we have no idea where The Blob came from. One second THQ was merrily riding the licensed bandwagon, next they’re veering into the crevice of wonderfully weird.

Best described as Mercury Meltdown meets Jet Set Radio, deBlob features neither mercurial swear-makers nor futuristic graffiti artists, but a translucent globule of paint-spewing anarchy. Set in a world sucked of color, you’re rebelling with a rainbow arsenal - think Che Guevara with a penchant for Skittles.

It plays like an extended version of Tony Hawk’s monument-tagging multiplayer mode. Faced with streets of grayed oblongs, you use deBlob’s smashing move (up, down, remote-flick) to open paint containers, coloring our hero in the process. By ramming into buildings they ping into hued life - or the impatient can skirt the walls to create a chain of colored buildings.


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