Dead Space 2: Severed DLC's March 1 release date revealed in new trailer

For the last month Dead Space 2 has been rocking the worlds of millions of players, but many have probably worked their way through the intense campaign by now. But don’t put it on the shelf/trade it in/lend it to a friend that will forget to return it so soon. The first real DLC for DS 2, subtitled Severed, is hitting PSN and XBLA next week on March 1. Here’s the trailer:

Taking place around the same time as Isaac’s adventure in Dead Space 2, it follows openly British Gabe Weller from Dead Space: Extraction, as he makes his way through the decimated Sprawl in hopes of saving his lady friend. He’ll be outfitted with his own version of the Security Suit and Pulse Rifle, and more attentive Dead Space fans will notice the return of the Twitcher Necromorph. EA promises Severed will be two stand-alone chapters, and will cost 560 MS points, or $6.99 on PSN. Severed will hit European servers March 2.

Feb 23, 2011


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