Dead Island Riptide collectibles

How to find every Guide Book Page, Secret File, Volunteer Voice Recording, Postcard, and Diary


Orange numbers on map.


Island Guide #1: You can find this page at the booth just outside the east exit of the Paradise Survival Camp where there is a car parked.

Island Guide #2: This guide page can be found directly south of the Kiwi Camping Grounds on the wooden walkway there.

Island Guide #3: Just north of the Hoyahoya bar- which is just north of Halai, there are some umbrellas and stands on the side of the road there. You can find the guide sitting on the table.

Island Guide #4: This page can be found in the shelter at the Crossroads Bungalow dead zone. You can find it on the bench in the center.

Island Guide #5: This can be found in a camper where you need to help save Alex who is stranded on top. The camper is located just west of the wrecked helicopter crash.

Island Guide #6: Look for this page in Marik’s Marina, just south of the gas station on a table beside the water.

Island Guide #7: This guide can be found on the side of the road near the workbench to the southwest of the biosphere lab.

Island Guide #8: This can be found just east of the three tree-house walkway in the middle of the flooded jungle. It is on a small island with a tent and a wrecked car.

Island Guide #9: This page can be found in the Dead Zone in Halai when doing the Quest “Where the Dead Live” for Marcus Villa. You can find this in the room where the supplies for Marcus are located.

Island Guide #10: Within the tunnels, near the end, in the first smuggler’s den you come across in the tunnels, the guide book in on the bed in the far left corner.