Dawnguard walkthrough

Dawnguard, Skyrim’s first DLC, has finally arrived. And it’s massive. Maybe you need help deciding on which of the two new factions to join. Maybe you’re stuck in a dwarven ruin trying to complete a side quest. Or maybe you just can’t find page 8 of Jiub’s Opus from the “Impatience of a Saint” quest and seek the warm embrace of a GamesRadar guide. Don’t worry - everything you need to know about Dawnguard is here.

To kick things off, open your quest menu. “Dawnguard” will be at the top of the list, and selecting it will place a marker in the southwest corner of the map. Following this marker will take you to Dayspring Canyon, which in turn leads to Fort Dawnguard.

Note: Some side quests are so big they deserve their own guides. Check out our Impatience of a Saint and Lost to the Ages quest guides.

Table of Contents

What's New in Dawnguard

Vampire Lord or Dawnguard Member?

Main Quest Walkthrough

Impatience of a Saint Quest

Lost to the Ages Quest

Other Notable Side Quests