Crysis 2 souvenir guide

Mission 9: Semper Fi or Die

Once the team of marines is following you, you can head along the right side of the area where there is a waterfall and stores up on a high ledge. Head into the $uper $avin store to find the little boat that is your souvenir for this mission.

Mission 10: Corporate Collapse

This is one that can be easily missed.When you reach the pool water that the Statue of Liberty’s head is sitting in, take a dive under the water and look inside her face.Inside will be an ammo dump as well as the next souvenir for you. That was easily one of the weirdest descriptions I’ve ever written.

Mission 11: Train to Catch

For this souvenir, when you enter the flaming library, immediately look to the front desk directly in front of you. The souvenir will be sitting on the right side of the desk waiting for you to rescue it from the burning building.

Mission 12: Unsafe Haven

After you take the long hike down the street and enter the building at the end, the souvenir will be in the office with the button you need to press to open the gate.Look to the right when you reach the button and it will be sitting on the table there.

Mission 13: Terminus

When you are talking a stroll with Barclay, you will stop to look at the people boarding trains and then enter a transit control room/office. When you are in the office, take a peek at the table the men are huddled around to find the souvenir there. Then just go ahead and take it.They are busy.They won’t notice.

Mission 14: Power Out

From the beginning of the level, head down the ramp and then under the overpass to the right.When you are through, make a left and turn back along the sidewalk and enter the sandwich bar there.The souvenir will be on the bar at the far end.

Mission 15: Eye of the Storm

Once you exit the first building you entered and come to a compound with a crumbly wall on the far right, there is a watch tower just behind that opening.The souvenir is in the room at the top of the tower. To get it, hop on the metal box across from it and then run and jump to grab onto the window and pull yourself in. Chances are the guard will still be in the tower, so if you are going for the Silent Assassin achievement, you may want to replay the mission after getting it first.

Mission 16: Masks Off

When you reach Hargreave’s main museum room that contains glass cases filled with suits and trinkets, you will come to a TV screen at the far end with his cheery face blabbing away on it. Head towards it and on the wooden table at the far end you will find the little bridge souvenir.

Mission 17: Out of the Ashes

When you take the elevator up, exit it and make your way to the right and follow the hallway around to the open corridor. When you enter the blown open area, immediately look to the left and the souvenir will be on the upper destroyed floor next to a bed.

Mission 18: A Walk in the Park

As you make your way up to the top of the hill, you will come to a curved stairway and a large, concrete, domed structure. Go past it and up the hill a little bit more and to the right will be a large container with a yellow box in front of it. Through the opening of the large container you will be able to see an explosive barrel.Shoot the barrel so that it blows open the container doors and then enter to get your final souvenir.

March 31, 2011