Combat Arms gets a 'super' update

VIDEO: Home of the ‘nut shot’ adds new Super Soldiers mode in latest update

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While other shooters celebrate the headshot, Combat Arms has always preferred to covet the %26lsquo;nut shot,%26rsquo; rewarding players for accurately sniping enemies in the groin. Fans of Combat Arms, the free-to-play online shooter that never takes itself too seriously, will be getting a new mode and map in the latest update.

The highlight of the update is the new Super Soldiers mode. Crates holding powerful power-ups will drop across the map, and players will have 10 seconds to scoop them up for unique boosts.

The new Super Soldiers boosts:
- Nimble Footwork: Increases speed and stamina
- Super Concentration: Decreases recoil
- Merciless Attack: Increases damage and firing speed
- Flawless Defense: Increases DEF and max HP
- Endless Attack: Unlimited magazine recovery and enhanced firing speed
- Enduring Phoenix: Increases max HP and stamina
- Super Recovery: Recovers 100% HP (instant)
- Superalloy Skin: Immune to all damage
- Infection Transformation: Transform into Zombie from Quarantine Mode
- Super Spy Transformation: Transform into Super Spy character from Spy Hunt mode

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