COD: Black Ops Rezurrection DLC guide

Nacht der Untoten

This classic map is absolutely tiny compared to the moon. There are only three rooms: the one you start in, an adjacent room on the ground level, and the upstairs section. As far as weapons go, you’ll want to grab the Thompson and open the mystery box as much as possible.

The mystery box is in the second room on the ground level. Because of this, you should unlock this room first, before clearing the debris leading upstairs.

The cabinet on the upper level costs 1500 points and always contains a sniper rifle. We recommend you never even bother with this.

Upstairs is generally the best place to hold out. You have the high ground here, and can shoot zombies as they ascend the bottleneck staircases.


This classic map introduced perks and the power switch concept for zombie mode. There are two separate spawn points, but from either one your goal should be to make your way upstairs, then follow the lightning bolt marks to find the power switch.

Juggernog is arguably the best perk you can buy, upping the number of consecutive hits you can survive from two to four at a cost of 2500. Look for the machine on the first floor, to the left of the stairs. It’s not far from the quick revive machine.

When you reach the power room, unlocking the next door will start you on a path back to the beginning of the level. The power room may have the mystery box in it (next to the fence), which is very rewarding. There are many different box spawn points on this map, so chances are you’ll run into one without having to really search for it.

In the early rounds, the electric barriers may not seem worth your points at a cost of 1000 to activate. However, later on when points become less of an issue these barriers can stop an entire horde. Be aware that the barriers last longer when playing on solo. Also, zombies that pass through the barriers will not die immediately, so you’ll want to stay a few feet back.