COD: Black Ops Rezurrection DLC guide

Moon contd.

The central room has the power switch. It’s near the pyramid. You’ll now want to head up the stars to the right of the pyramid. Continue through the doors until you can see the surface of the moon through a window. From this room, you can go through the door to the surface, or turn right and head through the other door to get to the biodome. Either way, you’ll eventually loop around to the other area.

Above: When in the biodome, watch out for the Pauly Shore zombie (sigh...sorry)

There will be a series of launch platforms in the biodome. If don’t want to risk dying from fall damage, avoid the first launch platform and search the ground level for the PhD perk. This makes you immune to fall damage, and also produces a mini-explosion if you dive to prone from a height that would normally hurt you. Alternatively, just avoid the launch platforms all together.

Once out on the surface, continue until you see the large circular teleporter just below. This will take you back to Hangar 18, where you began the level. Early on, you would only want to return there to pick up some juggernog or get the pack-a-punch perk, because no matter how many zombies were left on the moon, several more will spawn here and they’ll all be runners. In later rounds, with proper firepower, you can return to Hangar 18 to rack up lots of ‘free’ points, since killing those zombies doesn’t affect the round count.


Inside the labs on a desk (which one is random) you’ll find the hacking device. Before you decide to grab it, know that you have to trade in your spacesuit for it. Obviously, this restricts you to only certain areas of the map, unless you’re very quick when moving between safe zones. With the tool you can also hack virtually anything that costs points. For instance, when you hack a gun, the upgraded ammo becomes a lot cheaper. Hacking a mystery box re-rolls the weapon. You can even hack the pack-a-punch machine back at Hangar 18 which closes the gate around you, protecting you from the horde.


At any time after you flip on the power, an excavator may fire up. You’ll hear fair warning over the loudspeaker when one does. Excavators will block off certain pathways as well as bore through some of the indoor sections, draining them of oxygen and gravity. In order to shut one off, you need to get to that excavator’s respective control panel in the first room (the one you first teleported into) and use the hacker to shut it off. For later waves, you may want to let one of the excavators breach the biodome. The launch pads inside the biodome coupled with low gravity make it the perfect place to fight the horde.

Mule Kick

As you play you may spot Treyarch’s new perk, the Mule Kick, on the surface of the moon. At a cost of 4000 points, Mule Kick allows you to carry three weapons instead of the standard two.

The Wave Gun

Found in the mystery box, this weapon is actually a pair of zap guns that are dual-wielded. The zap guns are capable of one-hit kills on their own, but press left on the D-pad and you’ll merge the two pistols into an awesome rifle. The energy from this weapon will incapacitate any zombies within a small radius and inflate them until they take off, and eventually, explode.

Quantum Entanglement Device

Also found in the mystery box, this grenade-type weapon has a random effect every time you use it. When thrown, anything from a shotgun turret to a black hole can appear. Be careful though - some of the outcomes can be detrimental to you and/or your teammates.

Phasing Zombies

These zombies crawl, which is nothing new, but they also teleport short distances, which is new. The explosion caused when they die can stun you as well as cause damage if you aren’t wearing the spacesuit.