Cheaper By The Dozen 2 review

Steve Martin returns for an obnoxious sequel to his 2003 success that has “contractual obligation” written all over it. There may be a new director (The Pacifier’s Adam Shankman), plus a fresh foil for its lead in Eugene Levy. But otherwise, it’s the same gruesome mishmash of juvenile pratfalls and sickly sentiment as before.

Having carted his entire brood off to a lakeside retreat for some quality bonding time, doting dad Tom Baker (no, not that one) is enraged to discover Levy’s yuppie over-achiever has turned the resort into his own personal fiefdom. A childish game of one-upmanship ensues. The feeble result is woefully thin – though not half as lean as the alarmingly skeletal Hilary Duff, back under sufferance as one of the older members of this family from hell.

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