Capcom Arcade updated with gems, ghouls, ghosts

Underplayed puzzler joins masterwork of side-scrolling impossibility

Capcom's Capcom Arcade iOS app has seen an update that adds one of the company's most beloved (and hated) 1990s platformers, alongside one of its stranger spin-offs. Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, added seemingly to test the limits of what's possible on a virtual joypad, joins Puzzle Fighter II Turbo in the update – which comes, entirely coincidentally, within a week of Hudsonupdating its OS TurboGrafx-16 GameBoxwith a well-regarded platformer (Bonk III) and bizarre action-puzzler (Devil's Crush).

While SG'n'G is pretty canonical – less a SNES port, more a re-imagining of the supernatural platformer with copious Mode 7, one of the best game soundtracks ever, and the same goddamn final twist as every other version – Puzzle Fighter is a less-known quantity. The Street Fighter-themed Tetris-alike, more completely known as Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Edition – not that any original or slowed-down version exists – is a bizarre idea that works surprisingly well, and is better-suited to touchscreen play.

Have you tried out either of these Capcom Arcade updates? What do you think of them?

May 16, 2011