Call of Duty Black Ops Achievement and Trophy Guide

While you can rack up a good number of Achievements and Trophies just by playing through Call of Duty: Black Ops on its easiest setting, there are so many more to garner with a little effort and know-how. Since we’re all out of effort after writing this, it all falls on you. The know-how on the other hand, we can help you out with.

Below you will find descriptions on how to get the more straightforward achievements/trophies. For the trickier of the bunch, we have included videos to help show you just how to get them a little easier. If there is a particular one that you are stuck on, zoot on down the alphabetical list and get what you need. Otherwise, enjoy them all and have fun!

Achievements are listed alphabetically

A Safer Place

Sabotage the Soviet space program
10 Achievement Points
Bronze Trophy

Complete the Fourth mission, Executive Order, to obtain this.

Broken English

Escape Kowloon
10 Achievement Points
Bronze Trophy

Complete the Seventh mission, Numbers, to obtain this.


Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty
100 Achievement Points
Gold Trophy

Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran modes. This one is definitely only for the masochists at heart.

Burn Notice

Complete "Rebirth" and "Redemption" on Veteran difficulty
25 Achievement Points
Silver Trophy

All you need to do is complete these two missions on Veteran difficulty.


Crack the code
10 Achievement Points
Bronze Trophy

Complete the Fourteenth mission, Revelations, to obtain this.

Closer Analysis

Find all the hidden intel
15 AchievementPoints
Bronze Trophy

There are 42 intel items scattered around the game that need to be picked up to get this. If only there was a guide that could show you where each and every one was.

Cold Warrior

Complete "Operation 40", "Vorkuta", and "Executive Order" on Veteran difficulty
25 Achievement Points
Silver Trophy

Complete these first three playable missions on the hardest difficulty to nab this achievement/trophy.

Date Night

Watch a film or clip with a friend
15 AchievementPoints
Bronze Trophy

Load up the theater mode and watch a clip with a buddy.It’s helpful if you have friends to get this.

Death to Dictators

Use a single round to bring down Castro
15 Achievement Points
Bronze Trophy

One of the first Achievements/Trophies you’ll come across. When you reach the dictator’s bedroom, he’ll pull a woman in front in front of him for cover. Everything will slow down and give you a couple of seconds to get your crosshair square on his noggin. Pull the trigger and get your reward.

Down and Dirty

Complete "SOG" and "The Defector" on Veteran difficulty
25 AchievementPoints
Silver Trophy

Simply complete these two missions on veteran difficulty to complete this. Like how I said “simply” like it was easy? It’s not.

Double Trouble

Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon
10 AchievementPoints
Bronze Trophy

In Numbers, you will start the mission with Dual pistols. You can either keep using them until later on in the mission when you come to a weapon stash where you can upgrade to dual machine guns. Just keep using dual weapons all the way to the end and you’ll get your points.

Double Whammy

Destroy both helicopters with one Valkyrie rocket from the deck of the ship.
15 AchievementPoints
Bronze Trophy

During the last mission, Redemption, after you land the helicopter, you will walk up the deck a bit and be told to pick up the Valkyrie Rocket Launcher. When you do, there will be two choppers buzzing overhead. To get this achievement/trophy, you’ll need to take down both choppers with one missile.If you happen to take out only one chopper, toss a grenade at your feet and give it another go.