Call of Duty: Black Ops: 33 kills in 50 seconds

Everyone’s too good at Call of Duty: Black Ops. I played a bit of hardcore free-for-all this weekend, and considered it a success if I managed to live longer than a few seconds after spawning. You know why? It’s because I suck. But it’s also because of guys like this, players who actually know what they’re doing. Check out this impressive video that shows a player scoring 33 kills in 50 seconds with help from the damned chopper gunner.

Above: Black Ops: 33 kills in 50 seconds – Jungle Annihilation

Above: The best kill streak team GR ever got in a CoD game was on a special custom server, which is kind of cheating. Here’s air support in 3 seconds in Call of Duty 4

Nov 15, 2010

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