Boogie NiGHTS

The Wii is the “kid friendly” console, right?  We thought so too, until we mashed up some video clips to create Boogie NiGHTS. What emerged was a darkly disturbing series of scenes that are how we imagine a game by notorious film director Victor Salva might turn out. The whole experience left us wondering how many repressed memories might be lurking beneath all our NiGHTS nostalgia. What started as a loopy parody has become a staid cautionary tale: games rated E for Mild Fantasy Violence might contain much, much worse.

Jan 24, 2008

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  • Schuultz - August 30, 2008 11:27 p.m.

    now who said wii doesn't have adult games?! the wii now officially has 4 main targets: Toddlers, Soccer-Moms, Retired and - brand new - pedophiles!

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