The best early Black Friday gaming deals 2017

It's only a week away. November 24 is almost upon us and that means serious Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday savings. Whether you've been waiting for this moment to spend on a PS4 bundle, upgrade to PS4 Pro, or invest in an Xbox One X or Nintendo Switch, it's almost time for the bargains to flow. To help you get the very best offers, we're going to keep you updated with all the very best Black Friday gaming deals leading up to the big day and during the bargain extravaganza itself. 

As well as console deals, we'll also be collecting the biggest offers on 4K TVs, sound systems, gaming headsets, and everything you need to make your gaming life that little bit richer. We'll also be covering the best deals in entertainment too so you won't miss any of the best bargains on collectibles and merchandise. 

While we might still be over a week away, you can see that some retailers have already triggered some early deals so if you're ready to spend, take a look below for some sneaky early bird bargains.

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Early Black Friday gaming deals US

A certain number of retailers are fairly impatient, so have already begun to chuck incredible deals your way before the real Black Friday kicks in. We've rounded up the best of the bunch below, so take a gander to see just how many dollars you can save! 

Best early US Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals

Nintendo Switch 6 items bundle: Okay, this is just ridiculous. This comes with the red and blue Switch, 64GB microSD card, 4 Game Disc, 1-2-Switch, Just Dance 2017, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Bomberman for only $648.68 from Walmart.

Nintendo Switch 7 items bundle: Ready to get bonkers? Here we go: this comes with the red and blue Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 128GB Micro SD Card, Type C Cable, and an HDMI Wall Charger. All for a great $629.47 from Newegg.

Nintendo Switch 7 items bundle: The deals never stop! Grab the red and blue Switch, 64GB SD Card, two extra neon blue controllers, 1-2-Switch, Just Dance 2017, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Bomberman for $760.77 from Newegg

Best early US Black Friday Xbox One deals

Xbox One S Halo Bundle with COD WW2 and FIFA 18: This bundle includes the console, full-game downloads of Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Call Of Duty: WW2 and a choice of Madden 18 Limited Edition Game or Xbox One Fifa 18 Limited Edition. Grab it for $249 from Walmart

Best early US 4K TV deals

Samsung 55” Class Curved 4K (2160P) Smart LED TV: If you've upgraded your console recently, or just like watching Stranger Things in pristine quality, a 4K TV is a must. This curvy little number looks like it belongs in the rec room on a spaceship. Just us? Oh. Save $500 on the usual retail price and buy it for $698 here

LG OLED55C7P 55" 4K UHD OLED Smart TV: This'll make your games look like masterpieces and turn you into one of those people that watches Netflix cooking documentaries just to see what cress looks like in Ultra HD. LG promises that at its skinniest this TV is thinner than pencil. Save $1,300 and grab it for $1696.99 from NewEgg here.

Best early US Black Friday accessories deals

DXRacer Racing Series OH/RV001/NB Newedge Edition Gaming Chair: You and your spine are going to be hanging out together for a really long time, so this integrated headrest and adjustable lumbar support cushion will keep your relationship friendly. Treat your buns for just $300 at NewEgg.

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Early Black Friday gaming deals UK

Some UK retailers clearly just can't wait to get the Black Friday deals party started and have pushed the button early on a stack of offers. While most sites are waiting until the big day itself for the biggest price reductions (and you can register your interest in the links above) the below are already live and ready to buy. 

Best early UK Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals

Build your own Nintendo Switch bundle: Switch, one game, and one case: Want to pick and choose which games to play on your shiny new console? This is the answer. Choose between the grey or blue and red Switch, 10 games (no joke), and 6 carry cases all for £329.99 from Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Not only can you get Nintendo's dream console but also the gargantuan Breath of the Wild, which is sure to provide hours and hours of post-apocalyptic Hyrulian joy. Get it for £309.00 from Game.

Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey & Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: In a lovely surprise of a Nintendo Switch bundle, you can pick up the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition (complete with red JoyCons) and a copy of Super Mario Odyssey, AND get Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle absolutely free. This brilliant bundle is £329.99 from Tesco Direct. 

Nintendo Switch Neon with Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild If you want the ultimate Switch gaming experience, you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal than this one from GAME. For just £349.99, you'll get the neon Switch, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. You can't get better than that. Get this amazing deal from GAME now for £349.99.

Nintendo Switch Neon with Lego Worlds and Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition This wonderful bundle would be great for families looking to create and play together, as it gets you Lego Worlds, Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition and the neon Switch for under £300. Get the deal from GAME now for just £299.99.

Nintendo Switch Super Mario Mega Bundle If you love a bit of Mario, this might be the early Black Friday deal for you as it's got Ninty's plumber mascot oozing from every orifice. For £379.99, you get the neon Switch, copies of Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Mario and Luigi racing wheel accessories and two Mario hats just to make sure you get fully in the Mario mood. Oh and case too. Could you want any more? Get this deal from the Nintendo Store now for £379.99.

Nintendo Switch Hyrule Rider Bundle If Mario's not your thing, there's a bundle on the official Nintendo Store made just for Zelda fans. It comes with the grey Switch console, a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a hard case in practical black and the adorable Link Rider amiibo to get you lovely bonuses in-game. And that's all for just £354.99. Get this £354.99 deal now from the Nintendo Store.

Grey Nintendo Switch with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Arms With two great games and the grey Switch, this is one for those looking for a slightly different bundle than your traditional Marios and Zeldas. It's just £329.99 for the console, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Arms. Get this deal now for £329.99 from Tesco

Best early Black Friday PS4 deals

PS4 Pro 1TB: If you've managed to resist going 4K until now, it's probably time to invest with this offer. Nab a 1TB PS4 Pro, a copy of FIFA 18 and Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy for a frankly ridiculous £299 from Currys

Plus, you can add CoD: WW2 for an extra £30 making the full bundle £329.99 for the PS4 Pro and 3 games from Currys

PS4 500GB bundle with CoD WW2:  If this is an example of deals to come, Black Friday is going to be brilliant. You can pick up a 500GB PS4 Slim with CoD WW2, That's You, an extra DualShock 4 Controller and 2 months of Now TV for an incredible £249.99 from GAME

PS4 Pro 1TB with CoD WW2: If you need 4K and you need it now, there's a PS4 Pro bundle for you. You can grab a PS4 Pro with 1TB HDD, GT Sport, CoD WW2, InFamous Second Son and 2 months of Now TV for a bargainous £389.99 from GAME. 

Best early Black Friday Xbox One deals

Xbox One X bundle: If you're looking to the enhanced 4K future,  it's probably time to upgrade to the most powerful console out there. Pick up an Xbox One X, Forza Motorsport 7, The Evil Within 2 and a NOW TV 2 month Entertainment Pass for an amazing £497.99 from GAME

Xbox One S (500GB) bundle: If you don't fancy an Xbox One X this Christmas but still fancy a 4K movie experience, the Xbox One S is perfect. Now you can grab an Xbox One S, Forza Horizon 3 and Hot Wheels Expansion Pack, Fallout 4 AND Doom for £229.98 from Currys.

Best early Black Friday accessories deals

Western Digital 3TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive: Beef up your external storage for your PS4, Xbox One, or Xbox One X with this humungous 3TB external hard drive, for only £77.99 from Amazon

Best early Black Friday 4K TV deals

Hisense 4K TV 43”: If you didn’t think it was possible to get a 4K TV for just over £300, you’d be very wrong. This 4K Hisense H50N5300 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is only £329 from Argos

Hisense 4K TV 50”: If you want to go a little bigger for your living room and make the most of all those extra 4K pixels, the same series goes up to 50” and is available for £379 from Argos.

Hisense 4K TV 55”: Let’s get even bigger, shall we? The H50N5300 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is an incredible £579 from Argos.

Hisense 4K TV 65”: And finally, if you want the biggest bargain 4K TV possible, the same smart TV comes in a whopping 65” from £799 from Argos

LG 43"4K HDR TV: If you're looking to go 4K and HDR without breaking the bank, look no further than the 43UJ634V  from LG. With a saving of £280 grab it now for only £369 from Currys

LG 49" 4K HDR TV: To fully appreciate 4K you want to go as big as you can afford but also bear in mind that you don't always have unlimited space. The 49" LG 49UK701V meets you nicely in the middle and has a saving of £250 from the RRP. Pick it up from Currys for £499. 

Panasonic 55" 4K HDR TV: If go big or go home is your approach to TVs, consider the Panasonic TX-55EX580B for all your PS4 Pro and Xbox One X multi-pixel needs. This 4K screen has a current saving of £160 when you buy it at Currys for £629

Toshiba 43" 4K TV: If you're after high-res at a low price, and aren't too fussed about HDR, the Toshiba 43U5766DB might well be what you're looking for. Currently down 31% from £479, you can pick it up for £329 from Amazon

Toshiba 49" 4K TV: Looking for the same criteria as above, but have a little more room to play with? Looking for fill that space with screen? We don't blame you. The 49U5766DB is your solution. You can save 31% when you buy it for £379 at Amazon

Toshiba 55" 4K TV: Like the previous two, but live in a colossal sky palace with walls too big for any smaller TV to fill? Fear nor. The Toshiba 55U5766DB has you covered. You can save £160.99 when you buy it for £439 from Amazon