Best promo movie ever?

Wednesday 4 July 2007
This brand new movie for World in Conflict, the RTS set in an invasion-struck United States, might not tell us anything about how the game will feel to play - but it's an excellent bite of cinematic entertainment.

World in Conflict sees a modernish-day Russian army strike at the US in spectacular fashion, launching air-drops of troops and synchronised bombing runs on the beleaguered 'most powerful nation on Earth'. And this trailer does a grand job of setting up an evocative atmosphere.

It set us to thinking: What other really impressive, if not gameplay-exposing, trailers have there been? Our votes go out to the tense, visual-rollercoaster of the Resident Evil 5 teaser, or the heartpumping and exciting 'imagining' of Killzone 2 released two years ago. Two years! Why not post your suggestions on the forum?


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