Become a human Tetrimino!

The population of Facebook is being transformed into a giant game of Tetris... it's finally assimilating us

Today, EA Mobile and The Tetris Company announced a new social media project to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tetris, as well as its accomplishment of becoming the only mobile game to reach 100 million paid downloads. The project is meant to illustrate the impact of the "Tetris Effect" on global culture.

The project isa Facebook appcalled "The Human Tetris Project."To participate, users canupload and cropone of their profile images and leave a short message. On April 9th,the photoswill appear in Tetriminos (fornon-Tetris-fanboys, a "Tetrimino" is a play on "tetromino," a shape comprised of four squares... a Tetris piece) on a giant Tetris board, which will be viewable on the Facebook page.

Of course, it's just a Tetris board made up of photos, not truly "human Tetris." This is human Tetris:

Apr 7, 2010