Tetris Evolution review

Tetris it is, but an evolution? Not so much

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    Getting 1000 Achievement Points

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    Classic Tetris

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    This game

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    only if you're a hardcore fan


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    Paying $30

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    Nothing new here

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    Using the 360 controller

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If you've made the mistake of looking for Tetris Evolution on Xbox Live Arcade, we wouldn't blame you. In fact, we would even go so far as to say it isn't a mistake, because that's undoubtedly where it should be. Instead, if you want a piece of this classic (read: stale) Tetris action you'll have to pick up a retail copy at the budget price of $30.

Of course, for a $30 retail edition, we expect a little more than just the same old Tetris. To supplement the classic Marathon mode, various other modes are included, but there's absolutely nothing you haven't seen before. Most of the other modes, like Hotline and Go Low, just modify how the scoring is calculated, with little changes to the actual gameplay.

The only thing "new" offered here is a selection of interchangeable backgrounds and icons, which aren't even that pretty to look at. Besides, who has time to admire backgrounds with flowers and giraffes when you're trying to survive on level 15 with a fill rate set to high?

We also found that the 360 controller is less than ideal, especially during more frantic bouts of Tetris action. If you're in the habit of hitting "up" to drop blocks instantly (which applies to everyone but extreme noobs), you'll find yourself making annoying mistakes, specifically dropping blocks early in the wrong places. Unfortunately, whether you use the analog stick or the d-pad, it's the same story.

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DescriptionThe timeless classic makes its way to the 360, supporting multiplayer action up to four people.
Franchise nameTetris
UK franchise nameTetris
Platform"Xbox 360"
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