• BraveDave - November 3, 2011 9:51 a.m.

    How about those weird cryptographic sequencer messages you find at X700.00, Y490.00, X500.00, Y900.00, and X200.00, Y500.00? They say stuff like "I will return Batman" and "You will pay for what you have done to me." If that's not a sequel hint, I don't know what is.
  • GR_DavidHoughton - November 3, 2011 9:58 a.m.

    How the hell did I miss those? I've only found the 'numbers station' ones. I'll check those out tonight. Sounds very much like a Scarecrow hint to me.
  • BraveDave - November 3, 2011 10:12 a.m.

    They are the number stations actually, if you decrypt them you get those messages. The first is just a simple replace the number with a letter, and they get increasingly complex from there on. The third one, as far as I know, hasn't been decoded yet...
  • cwdd47 - November 3, 2011 9:06 p.m.

    I think these codes are from Jason Todd, since he blames Batman for not saving him.
  • MyCoolWhiteLies - November 3, 2011 9:50 a.m.

    Awesome article! I've been waiting for someone to do something like this, and you did a great job.
  • bigwill1221 - November 3, 2011 9:22 a.m.

    Loveee the 60's filter
  • Corn - November 3, 2011 8:53 a.m.

    I'm thinking that Scarecrow will end up being a major villain in Arkham 3. I sort of took the Scarecrow boat to be an impossible to find secret like the hidden Warden's office was in AA. Also, based on the potential fake passwords you could get when decrypting (Gotham City, Arhkam Terror, Gotham Asylum), I'm thinking that Batman: City of Terror will be the name for out next game. I think it would be cool if they went for a Scarecrow's revenge kind of angle, since he's been gone for a whole game now, and I think the reason for his absence was that Rocksteady couldn't top his AA scenes without bringing it to a gigantic scale, and I think that's what they'll do for CoT.
  • JSayonara - November 3, 2011 8:44 a.m.

    Sweet. I guessed that No Man's Land would be up next as well. A few things. Ventriloquist was not responsible for the Earthquake, he took on the persona of the Quakemaster in order to cash in on the chaos. The Earthquake was an actual natural disaster. Bludhaven: I'll go a step further. Batman doesn't go to Bludhaven at all. Nightwing is Bludhaven's protector and the game switches you between the two cities as (initially) Batman banishes his allies from Gotham ala NML. This sets up Huntress as a playable character opposite Batman (as she doesn't listen to Batman and continues as an O.G or Original Gothamite). One character you didn't touch on is Jack Ryder. He appears throughout the game in his journalist persona, but it's never hinted that he's also the Creeper. Kinda sad they didn't find a way to get him in somewhere. Now if Simon Hurt is the main bad guy in the next... Then I guess we'll see some of the Morrison bat characters, I would love to see Knight and Squire, Professor Pyg, El Sombrero and the like mixing with the classic baddies. And with regards to Clayface? There have been eight Clayfaces now, let's see Preston Payne, Matt Hagen or Cassius Clay get a shot at the tilte, Basil Karlo is dead now. Let's see Also, I have an irrational love of Maxie Zeus, I really want him to appear in a leading role sometime. Talking of Zeus, there's still a crap-load of well known Bat villains that we haven't seen yet. Catman, Man-Bat, Killer Moth, Firefly, KG Beast and Prometheus among others. A Secret Six appearance would be amazing too.
  • GR_DavidHoughton - November 3, 2011 9:18 a.m.

    You're entirely correct on the Ventriloquist/Quakemaster point. Fixed. And yeah, I've wondered about a completely split Batman in Gotham/Nightwing in Bludhaven campaign as well. In fact given how different Nightwing looks to be in the DLC, putting him in a completely different area with enough time and space to breathe for himself might be a great idea.
  • spencertucksen - November 4, 2011 2:30 a.m.

    I think it'd be marvelous. Nightwing would have Batgirl and possibly another Bat-member involved to give him intel and/or backup just like Batman has Alfred and Oracle.
  • ParanoidAndroid - November 3, 2011 8:35 a.m.

    Great article.They've obviously been setting up plot points for the future. I was picking up on a few of these (Hush and Azrael were fairly obvious teasers), but you've really expanded on it. And I'm now excited for a game that hasn't even been confirmed yet.
  • CitizenWolfie - November 3, 2011 8:04 a.m.

    Really good article and I would imagine you've actually done most of Rocksteady's work for them! I think the idea of the war on crime spilling out onto the streets of Gotham makes for some interesting possibilities. But I think a huge factor would be all the innocents living in Gotham getting in the way. Some things I'd like to see: - Scarface/Ventriloquist in a more major role. Possibly as Peyton Riley since writer Paul Dini introduced her in the first place. - Two Face have more time as a major villain. - Choices: For instance you might be given an either/or situation where you can only save one person with the outcome affecting the rest of the game. Think "Dark Knight" where the Joker make Batman choose between Harvey Dent and Rachael Dawes (and then pulling the old bait/switch) - Better boss battles such as the hide and seek against Mr Freeze or being stalked by Killer Croc. Fights that let you use all the stuff you've learned instead of dodge/stun/punch/repeatx3 And finally, perhaps not in the next game but as a future prospect: Take a leaf from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns - Batman/Wayne is well past his prime in a Gotham where rioting and random violence is the norm. He is forced out of retirement one last time to remind everyone why they should be scared of the dark. It'd be an opportunity to square off against Joker/Harley's (now fully grown) son/daughter and also re-establish old villains who would now also be pensioners. And let us fight Superman with Kryptonite boxing gloves... OK that was a stretch but one can hope...
  • CitizenWolfie - November 3, 2011 8:06 a.m.

    But back to AC, was anyone else a bit disappointed when it turned out Clayface was the last boss? I at least hoped I'd be able to get one last crack at the Joker...
  • shawksta - November 3, 2011 10:32 a.m.

    I didnt like it at first, but I got used to it, I love it now.
  • DryvBy - November 3, 2011 7:13 a.m.

    Great article. I was working on my own for my website so I think I'm just going to link this for the hecks of it. To add to the list FOR Joker being alive, I think that's a big reason the spoiler was released for his death. They want you to think the entire time, Joker's dead after this one. Also, note that when trying to get the Joker from becoming immortal (which I'm sure Bats didn't completely "stop him"), Joker says when you're close by that he doesn't want anything spoiled on the internet again. I think this is the devs rubbing a little LOL in our ears. I think the whole Joker's Dead scenario is a joke. I thought it right from the beginning.
  • Tmims1 - November 3, 2011 7:11 a.m.

    one thing a lot of people have'nt noticed is that during the last cutscene after you beat clayface batman is holding the cure in his left hand, then after the explosion he wakes up and the cure is in his right hand. what was the joker doing while batman was unconscious? and during the cutscene when batman wakes up they make it noticable that the cure switched hands. why didnt the joker just take the cure while batman was unconscious? and i think its really interesting that the joker stabs the arm batman is holding the cure in before the explosion he was on top of the lazarus pit then after he's above batman waiting to stab him
  • inkyspot - November 3, 2011 6:15 a.m.

    Man, i read every word, very inciteful (And gret job), but you forgot to mention the Calender Man; (I personally am not familiar with that character), but his rants in the holding cell seems to lead that he'll play some kind of role in the upcoming game. Hey I'm reaching here, but maybe an appearance from Supes, indicating the possibility of Rocksteady taking on a Superman game after the next Batman... I cAn dream can't I?
  • Gillespee - November 3, 2011 6:11 a.m.

    Two more things I just thought of - Black Mask is visible as Bruce Wayne is being checked into Arkham City, getting beaten down by Tyger guards to the right of the fence walk-throughs you pass through. Also, the guy blocking the walkthrough mentions that Bruce is on his list. . . Which I assume means that he is Deadshot. I'd like to see him return as well. I liked his side story and it took me multiple tries to take him out, but a one punch knockout wasn't very satisfying. He's going to get out of that tram and be gunning for Batman. Also, I'd like to see him in a costume that isn't made out of prison fatigues.
  • rapmasterRH - November 3, 2011 6:02 a.m.

    Dang and I forgot to mention there's potential for the following characters to appear in the third game if we look at all the bios that were shown in Arkham Asylum and considering these guys didn't appear in Arkham City: Prometheus, The Great White Shark, Firefly, The Ratcatcher (hopefully not), Killer Moth, Humpty Dumpty and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Oh and also Calendar man might pop up in the third game too which I'd be pretty excited about because I like the way they did his character in Arkham City. For the most part I can see most of the characters fitting in well into this grittier more realistic Batman world but some characters just seem either too lame in my opinion or would be out of place (these characters being the ratcatcher, the twins and humpty dumpty). You never know though, Rocksteady could still make these characters more interesting and fleshed out if they were to be brought into a third batman game.

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