All-new Max Payne shots

Down these mean streets

Max and Mona get out of their sedan into a New York street oozing with atmosphere. We’re particularly fond of how the neon sign lends a blue tint its surroundings, reminiscent of early Jim Cameron.

Lady in red

True to its videogame roots, Mark Wahlberg looks mildly constipated in this scene. Meanwhile, Bond girl Olga Kurylenko seems to think she can get away with wearing lingerie as a dress. And she can.

Behind you

We do wonder what sort of role the winged demons will play, considering they weren’t in the videogame. Considering how big they are, it’s not like we could have missed them. Saying that, Max seems to be doing a pretty good job of doing just that.

The lone gunwoman

According to the blurb underneath the photo, Mona Sax is a Russian mobster preparing to preparing to battle those responsible for the death of her sister. We’d recommend her preparations involve purchasing some cleaning products.

I am Jack’s doppelganger

Reports that the New York cell of Project Mayhem’s has been shut down are greatly exaggerated. Drug kingpin Jack Lupino continues to fight the good fight.

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