Alice magic holds strong for second week

Queen of the box office keeps her crown...

Tim Burton’s kooky jaunt in Wonderland remained top of the box office this weekend for the second week in a row.

The magical 3D event that is his Alice In Wonderland held firm against competition in the form of Matt Damon’s Green Zone (entering at second place with $14.5m), rom-com She’s Out Of My League (third with $9.6m) and our very own R-Patz’s indie drama Remember Me (in at fourth with $8.1m).

With a spectacular haul of $62m, Alice totalled its Stateside earnings to $208m, also taking $221m in overseas takings. All this despite divisive reviews and middling audience reactions.

Shutter Island took fifth place with $8.1m, meaning that Avatar has been shunted into the back end of the top ten at last (it’s in at seven with a dwindling take of $6.6m, still not bad considering it’s been out for four months now).

Forest Whitaker’s nuptial-themed Our Family Wedding slipped into sixth place with a sultry $7.6m, while Richard Gere/Don Cheadle team-up Brooklyn’s Finest took a further $4.2m at the box office.

Finally, Cop Out and The Crazies rounded out the weekend, the former with $4.3m (and a total earning of $39m, a disappointment considering it’s a Kevin Smith/Bruce Willis pairing). The latter took $3.6m.

Next week, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler will be sexing up the big screen with The Bounty Hunter , while Jude Law heads up the decent-looking Repo Men . Will either give Alice anything to worry about?

What did you see in cinemas this weekend?

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