7 Weird Bits Of Star Trek Merchandise

Where there’s a franchise, there’s money to be made, and Star Trek is no exception.

For all the movies and TV shows, various licensing companies have pumped out all manner of toys, books, gadgets and novelties.

The new film is naturally not immune (check out the Trek Barbies above) but we doubt much of what is produced for JJ Abrams’ adventure could match some of the utterly bizarre stuff from the past.

We’ll take a look at just some of what’s out there. Buyer beware…


Starfleet Academy Spork

What is it? A Spork. You know, those strange fork/spoon combo things.
For eating with.

Why is it weird? There’s really no evidence that Starfleet Academy uses these things in its mess hall (see below). So in reality, you’re just buying a weird little snack gadget.

Maybe in the next film, Spock could kill someone with a Spork. And get called “Mr Spork” by the rest of the crew. We’re giggling just thinking about it.

Email us, JJ – we’ll sell you the gag.

Where you can get it:
The geniuses at ThinkGeek dreamed this one up: “Seriously, folks, the Star Trek Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork is just about the coolest Star Trek collectible ever, because it is fully functional.

Just like the one Kirk used while a student, these are laser engraved with the Starfleet emblem and other stuff which we'll tell you about soon.”

Yours for just $19.99.