6 EXTREMEly overused game titles

Here’s what we’re proposing. All six words presented here should be retired from use on any and all covers. As in, permanently. Let’s chuck these clichés back into literal prose where they belong, or at least give them back to their originators: Energy drinks and sour Blo-Pops. Either way, there’s one thing you can’t disagree with: We posted every single occurrence of the following title words, so you should find no need to post anything we missed in the comments below.

If game titles are to be believed anything with anything with a dash of plot or protagonist should be considered a “chronicle.” But since just about every game besides Tetris contain both, it feels more than a little redundant.

Technically, one could get away with a title like “The Chronicles of Gears of War” or “Katamari Chronicles.” But why bother? And what exactly is wrong with a name like “Valkyria” or “Sonic: The Dark Brotherhood” especially if that’s how most people are going to refer to it anyway?