Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom patch 1.2.0 saves four quests from progression-ending bugs

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom patch 1.2.0 is out now with several bug fixes.

The new patch was actually launched yesterday on July 4, and it would've been largely overlooked, what with America's national holiday, if not for a post on the Nintendo of America support website. The new patch for Tears of the Kingdom fixes several ongoing issues with the new Zelda game, and that's it.

Chiefly, there's an issue resolved where two main quests and two side quests couldn't be progressed. The main quests are A Mystery in the Depths and Secrets of the Ring Ruins, both of which would've effectively stopped Link from completing Tears of the Kingdom.

The two fixed side quests are Hateno Village Research Lab, which is actually a pretty important side mission for acquiring some crucial gear, and Lurelin Village Restoration Project, which is admittedly less important, but still bad news if you wanted to see and do everything.

There's also an issue resolved where players couldn't receive items via the news feed on the Nintendo Switch's home screen. So if you redeemed a special item via the news feed and it never popped up in-game, that issue should now be all fixed.

Elsewhere, there's an issue remedied where Fairies wouldn't appear in the game whatsoever. There's also an issue fixed where Kiana in Lurelin Village's meals wouldn't change under "certain conditions," whatever those unspecified conditions actually are.

Finally, there's several fixes elsewhere to improve Tears of the Kingdom overall. Who even knows what these fixes are, but if they improve the new Zelda game in any way, we'll accept them with open arms. Here's hoping the new patch doesn't disrupt the perpetual flight machine uncovered earlier this week, which was only possible due to a glitched item.

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