Zelda: Skyward Sword HD listing suggests better controls, graphics, and quality of life features

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is getting better tutorials and more quality of life additions. 

As of yet, the upcoming Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch hasn't been greatly outlined, despite its release being around the corner. The game is set to launch on July 16, 2021, however, and a new listing on the Nintendo Store has revealed a little extra information about the game.

In the listing, some small details have been found, providing some insight into what the game might be adding for this new version. As spotted by Reddit (via NintendoLife), there is a reference to reworked tutorials, improved motion controls, and quality of life features. 

InseThe new features coming to the game are listed as: - Enhanced performance - Improved motion controls with the Joy-Con controllers - All-new button controls, allowing you to choose your style of play - Various quality-of-life enhancements, including refinements to player tutorials and general guidance throughout the adventurert quote here


This seems to suggest that the game will be a generally easier experience than its Wii counterpart. Skyward Sword is one of the least loved modern Zelda games, but these changes seem to be largely focused on making the game easier to play and experience. 

The HD update also offers "improved motion controls" by way of the Joy-Cons but also "newly-added button controls". There is also a specific note on the tutorials being better and 'guidance' being easier. These were some of the bigger issues often stated about Skyward Sword, so perhaps the game will get a second bite of the apple and be better evaluated with these changes.

As to why Skyward Sword is seeing this kind of treatment now, one fan thinks they have a good idea. Stating that Demise, a main antagonist from the game, could play a bigger part in Breath of the Wild 2. This would allow players to know this story better. 

For those waiting for other, more beloved Zelda titles to be released on the Nintendo Switch, you might be waiting a little longer. There were strong rumors that Twilight Princess and Wind Waker might be coming to Nintendo Switch, but those have seemingly been shot down by a series producer.

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