Zelda playable with Revolution controller

The Legend of Zelda will support the use of Nintendo's Revolution controller, it has recently emerged.

National Geographic Kids magazine was recently invited to Japan by Nintendo to actually play with the controller but unfortunately the rather vague article has raised more questions than it's answered.

The magazine has reported that its team members used the Revolution controller with Donkey Konga, Super Smash Bros and a Zelda game, but hasn't specified if these games were the GameCube versions or new titles designed specifically for Revolution. What doesn't help is that it also states that the Revolution controller will support existing Nintendo games as well as ones already in development.

In the Zelda game, waving the right-hand part of the controller made Link slash with his sword, while the left-hand bit controlled the use of the shield. It was also used in fishing minigames where the remote has to be flicked like a fishing rod, according to the magazine.

In Donkey Konga the two parts of the controller acted like virtual drumsticks, while in Super Smash Bros the onscreen character would punch when a punch action was made by the gamer with the controller in hand.

It was also reported that Revolution will be out this year.

Last month NGC confirmed that the new Legend of Zelda game, The Twilight Princess would be released for Revolution as well as GameCube, and so would make use of the new controller, but Nintendo has been quick to distance itself from both NGC's and National Geographic Kids' claims.

As NGC still stands by its story, and similar stories are turning up elsewhere, it does seem that there is some substance to these Zelda/Revolution stories, even if Nintendo is still reluctant to confirm them.